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Is your esteem keeping you from being promoted?

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Hi There! We’re trying something new here in the world of Temple Fit and Dr. Asha. For our auditory learners, we’re running our blogs podcast style! Yay!  Plus, we realize audio is a great way...

Starting the year off with a SMILE…

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Sometimes we are guilty of starting the year off on the wrong foot. We project negativity from one year to the next when we look back and realize what we didn’t accomplish, the resolutions we...

The enemy of all blessings

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The enemy of all blessings is stress.  Stress causes us to procrastinate. Stress causes us to complain. Stress causes us to doubt. Stress causes us to fear. Stress even causes us to stress some more!...

I’m a size 2, and…

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You make me feel bad about it. And by “you” I mean the old lady who always asks if I’m eating,  my friends who think “skinny people don’t know the struggle, because they can fit...


  • Dr. Asha came to my church to do a talk, and it was amazing. The way she presents her unique Biblically-based medical revelation is so profound.  Her vibrant sense of humor helps make the sometimes sensitive issue of personal health choices a lot easier to tackle.

    Minister Chaena Hollist

    Dallas, TX

  • Your article in Saturday’s paper on making water a priority is great. I have been aware of the importance of water but just ignored it. Thanks for the excellent reminder. And thank you for bringing scriptural support.

    Tallahassee Democrat Reader

  • Temple Fit has been a great benefit to my life! So many of the episodes helped change my way of thinking about food and exercise!  I don’t see dieting as “dieting”; but preparing my temple for a healthy life style.
    Pastor Judy Mandrell

    Pastor Judy

    Life Changers COGIC, Tallahassee, FL

  • I had the delightful pleasure of hearing Dr. Asha speak at a women’s empowerment event, and she has a natural gift for teaching. Her presentation was highly informative, energetic, engaging and inspiring to say the least. She made healthy living extremely appealing especially for those who are mentally, physically and emotionally challenged in this area of their lives. She is a dynamic woman of influence who is making a significant impact on the world at large.
    Kristie Kennedy

    Kristie Kennedy


  • Dr. Asha’s Health for Women of Faith workshop is an inspirational and motivating experience. Her delivery and disposition are always seasoned with a deep sense of conviction, lighthearted humor, and interactive exchanges with her audience. Dr. Asha’s inherent ability to connect goes beyond the crowd to a heartfelt connection to every individual in that crowd.
    Dawnette Banks

    Evangelist Dawnette Banks

    Tallahassee, FL

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