4 Healthy tips for busy families

Busy families have busy routines. Between deadlines at work, after school activities, community responsibilities, and homework, it’s difficult to maintain healthy habits for the family. 1 Timothy 3:4 talks about “He must manage his own household well...”

What are some “well” things a busy family can do to remain healthy?


1. Take one day to prepare smoothies and salads for the week and place them in mason jars. For your salads, put the dressing on the bottom, throw all the salad ingredients on top, and there you go! You can do the same for smoothies by putting in everything except your liquids. This way you have a snack you can grab quickly after school or between activities.

2. Eat at least one meal together, get creative about which meal that is. Studies show that students who do not eat meals with their families are more likely to be truant at school, and they are more likely to be overweight. Students who do eat more meals with their parents are less likely to have substance abuse issues and perform better academically (Article Link). Knowing this, is there at least one meal you can share together? It doesn’t have to be dinner. Maybe it’s breakfast on Saturday or lunch on Sunday. Explore a time that’s best for your family and stick to it.

3. Make extra food for the freezer.  Instead of purchasing so much frozen food, which tends to have more sodium in it, you can make your own! Make a little extra when you cook your meals. Then store the food in lined Tupperware or a Ziplock bag. When it’s time to reheat, just thaw out in warm water while doing other tasks. Then you can quickly throw it on the stove or toss it in the oven for a hearty, healthy meal that will be ready in minutes. 

4. Turn technology time into family time. Modern society has technology available at every turn. If we can’t get away from it, let’s use it to our advantage. Try making a habit of watching a fun show as a family once or twice per week. Or you can take a family selfie after dinner and post it to your social media outlets with a fun hashtag. Whatever you do, do it as a family.

For more healthy tips for busy families, visit www.healthyeating.org. I hope today’s devotion has empowered you to keep your temple fit for God’s service. Now that you know, share with someone you love. 


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