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I’m a size 2, and…

You make me feel bad about it. And by “you” I mean the old lady who always asks if I’m eating,  my friends who think “skinny people don’t know the struggle, because they can fit into anything,” the guys that never dated me because I wasn’t thick enough, the beautiful dress that makes me look…


Is your esteem keeping you from being promoted?

Hi There! We’re trying something new here in the world of Temple Fit and Dr. Asha. For our auditory learners, we’re running our blogs podcast style! Yay!  Plus, we realize audio is a great way to get your Temple Fit in at work, in the car, on the go, etc. Hopefully you’ll like this new…


Starting the year off with a SMILE…

Sometimes we are guilty of starting the year off on the wrong foot. We project negativity from one year to the next when we look back and realize what we didn’t accomplish, the resolutions we failed to keep, and the goals we neglected to consistently pursue. We try to inspire the next year with vision…


The enemy of all blessings

The enemy of all blessings is stress.  Stress causes us to procrastinate. Stress causes us to complain. Stress causes us to doubt. Stress causes us to fear. Stress even causes us to stress some more! While there are positive elements to stress, the negative components of stress build a barrier between us and our custom-created…


Don’t let your family stress you out— Try these 3 tips!

This month, we’ve been discussing #FamilyMatters on our radio show and in our newspaper articles. We’re wrapping it up by tackling something most families deal with, and that’s stress.  Amos 3:3 says, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?” Do you always agree with your mom, your auntie, your sister, your spouse? I mean, sometimes…


4 Healthy tips for busy families

Busy families have busy routines. Between deadlines at work, after school activities, community responsibilities, and homework, it’s difficult to maintain healthy habits for the family. 1 Timothy 3:4 talks about “He must manage his own household well…” What are some “well” things a busy family can do to remain healthy?   1. Take one day to prepare smoothies…