Broccoli-Tomato Bowl

An easy, healthy snack in 20 minutes. 



– 1 bag (14 oz) of frozen broccoli (Frozen works best, or you can buy fresh and freeze it yourself).
– 3 to 4 roma tomatoes
– Olive oil
– Sea salt
– Pepper
You will also need a bowl or container with a top.


-Pour all of the broccoli into a large frying pan. Put a little bit of water over the broccoli (it should barely cover the bottom of the pan)
-Cover the pan and cook on medium high.
-Check every 5 minutes to turn the broccoli and make sure it does not overcook.
-Broccoli is done when it is no longer frozen, but still crisp (al dente). This takes 10-15 minutes.
-While the broccoli is cooking, slice the roma tomatoes.

Putting the bowl together:

-Put your tomatoes at the bottom of the bowl.
-Pour off the water from the cooked broccoli into the sink. Now pour the hot broccoli directly on top of the tomatoes.
-Drizzle olive oil and sea salt & pepper–all to taste
-Cover the bowl and shake all the ingredients to mix them well.
-Let the bowl sit for about 5 minutes to soak up the seasoning and slightly warm the tomatoes.

VOILA! All done in about 20 minutes from prep to plate! Some other items to try are adding sliced onions or garlic salt to your bowl. If adding onions, put those in the bowl with the tomatoes. 

This yields some mighty tasty leftovers. Yum!

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