This program is perfect for those wanting to start

or re-start their wellness journey. 


Congratulations to those who graduated from this year’s program! 

Thank you to this year’s Challenge team:

  • Dr. Asha Fields Brewer: Challenge Program Director, Faith & Flexibility class coach– flow stretch and learning to build your own workout, Wellness Workshops instructor
  • Mrs. Jennifer Walton: Healthy recipes extraordinaire!
  • Coach Chazmean Geames: All N Fitness class coach- cardio, strength, and using your own body weight
  • Coach Laticia “Action” Jackson: Online class coach- Tone, strength, and working out at home
  • Coach Shelitta Howard: Gospel Zumba Inspiration class coach- cardio, toning, and praise!
  • Coach Natasha Miller: Faithful & Fit class coach- cardio, toning, and strength
  • Coach Denise Simpson: My Life Healthy coach- biweekly wellness coaching sessions