Fit Camp: Week 2

Life Changers COGIC
Pastors Gerald & Judy Mandrell

Winter Fit Camp 2014
Week 2: “Living Water”
By Dr. Asha Fields Brewer

Water makes up most of the Earth and most of our bodies.  We lose it every day, so it is important that we replace it regularly. However, many of us see water more as a “free beverage” at the restaurant, instead of regarding it for the life-sustaining fluid it really is.  

In John 4:6 we follow the story of the Samaritan Woman at the well.  When she went to fill her jug, the Bible says that Jesus saw her, He was wearied, and He said to her, “Give me a drink.”   This shows us that even our Savior,  thirsts!  Therefore “thirst” is a sensation we definitely should not ignore.  Oftentimes we’ll give into our cravings of sodas, juices, and the like; yet we will ignore the actual feeling of being “thirsty” in the first place.  Cravings tell you what you desire, but thirst tells you what you need.  And because we thirst, we know we were created with an inherent NEED for water.  

So let’s address why we don’t drink water. A common aversion to water is the [lack of] taste. We use this to excuse ourselves from hydrating properly.  However, we make no excuse to incessantly water flowers, trees, vegetable gardens, and even single-seed potted plants in Kindergarten. Why are we willing to water the ground and not ourselves? As stated in Genesis 2:7, are we NOT made of the dust of the Earth?  The Earth needs water to survive, and we are its dust, so the same principle applies to us…WE need water to survive.

 God even acknowledged the importance of hydration by watering the ground when He created the earth.  Genesis 2 says that He watered the whole face of the ground and out of the ground sprung up every tree that was pleasant to the sight and good for food.  If water is important to sustaining the food we eat, then it must be equally important in sustaining our bodies as well.  

If that didn’t inspire you to drink more water, consider this. Dirt alone is not able to conform to the Potter’s touch, but the addition of water to that dirt is what makes the resulting clay malleable under the Potter’s hand.  Clay can be molded into a particular vessel which is intended for a particular purpose.   Inasmuch the same, water when introduced to our “dust” bodies molds us for service. It bathes tissues like our muscles and brains and keeps them operating at the right electrical charge.  Water supports organs like our kidneys and bladder, so toxins can be filtered out and nutrients can be shuttled in.  Water works intimately with the blood to keep the cells of the body regulated and ready to serve.  The common thread, water helps our cells, tissues, and organs carry out a particular purpose in our bodies.  When you thirst, it is not merely because your throat is dry or you need to wash something down.  Thirst is an inherent need for water, so your body can function at a higher level for both physical and spiritual service.  

Challenge #1 for the week: Drink ONE cup of water first thing in the morning.  Before you eat, before your coffee, before your smoothie, drink at least 8 ounces of living water.

Challenge #2 for the week: Inventory your day. Many say they don’t have time to work out, they regularly get caught up at work, etc.  However, last week we learned that working out is worship, so why is it not a priority?  Take note how you spend your time each day.  Keep a log of tasks/ duties and times spent.  Have this prepared for next week.


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