God’s ultimate mistake…

Do you ever doubt yourself spiritually?


I know I do.


Eve had to think she was the absolute worst thing God ever created…

God’s ultimate mistake.


Although we can argue to whom God gave direct instructions regarding the fruit of the forbidden tree, the fact still remains that Eve ate it.


She ate it despite her relationship with Adam. She ate it despite her relationship with God. She ate it despite any alarms that may have gone off in her head, any doubts that may have arisen in her mind, any uncertainties that may have arisen within her belly— SHE ATE IT.


AS WOMEN, how do we recover when we’ve committed such fault against our God, against others, and even against ourselves? AS WOMEN, how do we heal from situations that seem like we’ve placed the whole world on our shoulders and literally let it crash and burn? AS WOMEN, how do we grow beyond the guilt of past failures, when it seems everyone is watching?


AS WOMEN, how do we return to a place where we can trust ourselves spiritually?


I invite you to learn to recover with other resilient Eve’s just like you. We’ve all been there. It’s just time that we talk about it and grow from it…together.


Join myself and guest speaker Evangelist Danette McBride for a dynamic workshop on your spiritual health. You’ll walk away



and Inspired


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore

Self-Health Empowerment,

so you can confidently pursue all God has designed for you to be.   

Join me at the S.H.E. Tea 2015.

Fine tea, hors d’ouvres, 3 dynamic workshops, and networking with powerful women just like you. All of this for just $30 until March 31st. Treat yourself and bring a sister to the tea on Saturday, April 11th at 9:30am (flyer below with details).
We all need this time of self-health empowerment.

It’s about time we start talking about Eve.


You're invited---SHE Tea by Temple Fit

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