Health Devo: Divine Dining

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 Divine Dining
(Stop, Sit, and Eat).

by Dr. Asha S. Fields Brewer
Psalm 23:5 (ESV)-You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…
We left off discussing the fact that God would prepare a meal for us (Parasympathetic) in the middle of an enemy attack (Sympathetic), and the power and significance of this act.  Now let us discuss the actual meal itself.  
In order to live out God’s promise “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies,” three things must happen.  You must stop, sit, and eat.  
Stopping keeps you from continuing in the wrong direction and operating in that selfish Sympathetic mode. We are commanded to both “be STILL and KNOW” that He is God (Psalm 46:10).  So it is clear that the first step in defeating the enemy is to stop fighting.
The next order is to sit. Only finger foods are served standing, but if you are coming expecting a 5-, 6-, 12+ course meal, pull up a seat! Sitting puts you in prime position to receive.  To sit at the table means you are welcome.  To sit at the table means you have a place in His presence. To sit at the table means you have the right to be in expectation of something being placed before you.  God has prepared His BEST for you.  You just have to sit down and received it.
Once we’ve gotten comfortable in our assigned seats, we get to eat! Follow me closely here… What does the Enemy endeavor to do? Steal, kill, destroy.  What is the antidote to Death?  Life.  And how do we sustain Life? We eat!  So eating supplies you with the nutrients needed to not only defeat the enemy (because Life is the antidote to Death), but to concurrently sustain your life as well! (Shout)!  Listen, you may have used up all your peace in that last situation, but there is more peace at the table.  You may have used up all your patience in that last relationship, but there is more patience at the table.  You may have used up all your faith at that last job, but there is more faith at the table.  Everything you need and could even WANT is at the table. Furthermore, just like sharing meals  brings us in communion with family and friends, eating at God’s table brings us into fellowship with Him and with LIFE Himself, Jesus Christ.
So when you come to that table God has prepared for you…
  • Don’t take it lightly or for granted.  Come with thedirect intent to enjoy every course, be refreshed with sip, and savour every morsel.   
  • Purpose to stop, sit, and eat with your Father regularly.
  • Don’t miss ANY opportunity to partake His divine dining.
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Love You,

~Dr. Asha 🙂

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