Killing Our Pastors


Today’s topic may hit a soft spot. We’re talking about ways we are mistakenly killing our pastors with kindness.


Oftentimes, we show our clergy we love them through food. After a night of powerful revival service, we have them feasting on fried chicken, greens simmered with ham, savory macaroni-and-cheese, and the more.  


It may stem from the kindness of our hearts,

but we don’t realize that what we’re giving them is actually killing them.


Psalm 34:8a says, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!…” These decadent dishes may taste good, but what you see in them, is that actually good for you?

Take a look at the ingredients that go into these foods, what do you see? You started with a dark, green, leafy vegetable. Wonderful! Then you see the green water, because you’ve cooked the collard greens so long that all the nutrients are seeping out of them. You see the grease coming off of the ham that’s simmering in the collard greens, adding to the cholesterol and fat content. You see all the salt that goes in there, raising the sodium levels, and raising your pastor’s blood pressure.


Do you see that that is good?


Take a look at the process that these foods undergo. You see that piece of chicken that you have to soak and batter in flour. Then you see all the oil that goes into frying it. Does this “look” good and healthy to you?


We have to make sure that what we’re feeding our pastors tastes good, “looks” good, and supports them in having good health.


What’s even worse is when we give these meals to our pastors late at night. They’ve just finished ministering their hearts out unto God, then we attack their hearts with all of this heavy, salty food before sending them to bed. Our acts of kindness are killing them.


Instead of this, try loving them in a different manner. Swap out a heavy side for a hearty salad. Start with a bed of dark, mixed greens. Then you can add proteins, such as beans, quinoa, or boiled eggs. You can make it a savory salad with items such as chopped red, yellow, or green peppers; onions; carrots; and broccoli. You can make it a sweeter salad with fresh fruit or dried fruit and sprinkle in some mint leaves. You can top off any salad with nuts to add a nice crunch! Lastly, don’t reach for that ranch, use olive oil and vinegar to dress your salad and give it a light finish.


Don’t we desire for our pastors to “prosper and be in health, even as their souls prosper” (3 John 1:2)? Well, instead of feeding them to death, get creative with ways to support their health status.


The harsh truth of the matter is,

if we want our pastors to continue spiritually feeding us,

we must be mindful of what we are physically feeding them.


I hope today’s devotion has educated you to keep your temple fit for God’s service. Now that you know, share with someone you love.

~Dr. Asha 🙂

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