I completed the challenge…now what?

I completed the 40 days & 40 nights challenge…

Now what?

Temple Fit Challenge Day 40


Look at how far you’ve come. You’ve spent the last 6 weeks supporting your physical health with mindful eating, physical activity, and quality rest.  You’ve boosted your spiritual health, not only by spending more time with God, but by subduing and disciplining the Flesh. Whether you were 100% faithful, or had a few flub-ups here and there, your commitment to building a healthier lifestyle is to be commended.  So again, congratulations.

As we wrap up our challenge, let’s go back to the primary reason it began.  This challenge was not designed for you to lose a particular amount of weight or to achieve a certain level of exercise, although we celebrate that you did.  🙂 We must remember that our focus this whole time has been to create a healthy lifestyle that will keep our temples fit for God’s service. That said, as we progress towards “life after the challenge,” let’s remember that the end of the 40 days is really just the beginning.

For tips on transitioning, let’s consult some 40-D&N experts…


Moses spent 40 days and nights literally at the foot of God. In this time, Moses received instruction on how to proceed in governing God’s people. Inasmuch the same, during this challenge we learned a lot about what how to govern God’s temple.  We discovered what was really good for our bodies, and what was not so good for our bodies.  As a result, we are well-equipped to live this “temple fit lifestyle,” and to share it with others.

Moses was equipped to share what he had learned of God with Israel, but he encountered a major disappointment once he left the mountaintop. He witnessed the Israelites worshipping everything but God. To make matters worse, they were lead into this corruption by Moses’ own brother Aaron (ouch),  who was the soon-to-be-appointed high priest (wow)! Moses took matters into his own hands to remove the corruption of the people and to plead forgiveness of the Lord on their behalf.


That said, now that you’ve completed this challenge, keep in mind that everyone did not go to the mountaintop with you. Don’t be surprised when your “old crowd” and your “old habits” try to draw you back in. Take a stand like Moses, even if it means disagreeing with family and friends.  Revel in the encounter you’ve had with God, and push those around you to do better. Don’t be influenced by them, be an influence on them.


In Noah’s day, the people of the earth were so Flesh-driven, that God regretted creating them in the first place! (Yikes). When God made the decision to cleanse the earth, He did so sparing Noah, his family, and select representatives of the animal kingdom. Over the course of 40 days and 40 nights, God cleansed the earth of anything that was not committed to Him. This is quite similar to  what we’ve been doing to our bodies for the past 40 days.


Once the 40-D&N were complete, the inhabitants of the Ark didn’t just stroll onto dry land. No, they had to wait on water, which stayed on the earth for 150 days. You see, even though it was done raining,  the water was not done doing it’s work.

If we go back to the Creation, we are reminded that the Spirit hovered over the waters in Genesis 1:2.  We also remember from John 7:37-39 that the living water, the Spirit, is left behind to carry out the work of the Lord. God still has a work to do in you, so let Him do it! Even though the 40 days are up, don’t interfere with the work of the Lord by introducing remnants of what should have been washed away.


Now on to Jesus, THEE 40-D&N Challenger Himself!

Jesus was baptized and received the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:16-17). Afterwards, the Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. At the end of the fast, Satan tempted Jesus three times. Each time Jesus denied the desires of the Flesh, proved His disciplined and commitment to temple sanctification (Matthew 4:1-11, 17). Overcoming this trial was the final step before Jesus launched into ministry.  (Talk about the enemy being your step up! BAM)!

As we discussed in our transition from Day 21 to Day 22, God had this challenge to resonate with you for a reason. The Spirit lead you into this challenge “wilderness.” In this time, you’ve dedicated to building a proper temple for God’s glory. Don’t get tripped up when temptations come from every angle. Be strong, be vigilant, and know that this is just the beginning of what God has for you.

To all of you who joined us, I am so extremely proud of you. Even though the formal challenge is coming to an end, “…I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Keep going. 🙂


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Dr. Asha 🙂

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