Only the rich can be healthy…

Oh, you eat healthy?

You must have money ‘like that’…

blog art- only the rich can be healthy

Admit it. Most of us have had this thought before. As soon as someone mentions “kale” or “organic,” we automatically assume they are sitting on a soft financial cushion.  Only the rich and well off can afford to eat healthy every day, right?  Those of us on a budget can’t subscribe to such “luxuries,” or at least we’ve convinced ourselves of such…


What if I told you it only costs $1.50 per day to eat a healthy diet? According to to a December 2013 study published in the Harvard School of Public Health/ British Medical Journal,  “ $1.50 is the additional daily cost,  per person, to eat the healthiest diet (rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats) versus the least nutritious (featuring processed foods, meats, and refined grains).” This is only $45 extra per month, which for some, is the copay of seeing a medical doctor to follow-up on an ailment or condition. (How’s that for perspective)?


Practicing healthier habits is about where and when you invest the money. Take the servants with the talents, for example.  Matthew 25 records the story of a master who was leaving town. Before heading out, the master gave money to three servants. To one he gave five talents, to another—two talents, and to the final— one talent. The first two servants invested the money, and both received a 100% return. The master was so pleased to discover this when he returned, that he blessed them both with even more. However, the servant with the least amount of money did nothing with it at all. When the master saw this, he was so displeased that he took the one talent and gave it to the servant who had the most talents.  It is apparent that the master was sorely displeased with the fact that the servant did absolutely nothing with what was given to him. 


Now back to the healthy eating. (It relates, I promise. Tehe). We can choose to invest our “talents” into better food choices, family meals prepared at home, less fast food, and healthier practices overall. OR we can refuse to invest in our health, do nothing to assist it at all, and we’ll end up losing it/ paying for it in the long run… just like the servant with the one talent.  The choice is ours to make, first as individuals, and secondly as families.


Following the example of the servants with more money, if we invest today the little we do have, we gain so much more in return. A simple $1.50 per day can equate to less money spent on chronic diseases, surgeries, medications, and general medical upkeep in the long run.  Even greater, investing $1.50 can also yield a return that isn’t financial— such as increased vibrancy, increased vitality, increased vigor, increased time with loved ones, increased quality of life, and more.


Moral of the story? The Master knows what He gave you. As we yield our temples to God for His service, we must be careful not to excuse ourselves from the responsibilities attached to the allotment of our talents. As God gives, invest in the temple, and see that He won’t give you more in return.

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