Protein without Meat

If you’re not eating meat, how do you get enough protein?

Mhmm….#WWDD What would Daniel do? Tehe.

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A few years ago, Pastor Robbin Davis participated in the Challenge, and we had the best conversation!  She told me how she was sitting in the gym parking lot, still trying to convince herself to go inside. That’s when she said to the Spirit, “Holy Ghost, I’m about to get you a better house to live in…” That is the perfect attitude to have when embarking upon a plant-based diet.

A number of folks seem geared up and ready to go, while I’m sure there are others thinking, “This is impossible.  Fruits and vegetables ONLY?? I mean, I’m not eating any meat or dairy? Where do I get my protein from?”

In an article posted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a registered dietitian states, “All foods but fruit and fat contain protein. So if you eat a wide variety of foods throughout the day, it is very likely you will get enough protein. For example, 1 cup of cooked spinach has about 5 grams of protein, and 1 cup of cooked broccoli is about 4 grams.”

So how do these numbers compare to the amount of protein we usually get in meat?  Check out the fun protein chart below.  You might be surprised at how much protein you’re getting throughout the day, even in your smoothies alone. 🙂
FUN TIPS for Staying Full!

I must mention that during my first Challenge, I quit on Day 3 of the vegetables and fruit.  This being my 5th Challenge, I can definitely say the biggest thing you can do to stay the course is to STAY FULL!

Our brains control our cravings and our appetite. When we are hungry, the brain goes into “survival mode,” and it makes rash decisions (e.g. “Cookie! NOW!” <–That was my brain on Day 3. Tehe). That being said, if you can stay full, you can take every thought captive (literally), and not worry about the temptations that surround you.

Here are some great ways to stay full and keep your brain focused on more important things:

  • Eat warm foods—— You can feel the “weight” of the food, so you don’t get hungry again as soon.
  • Soups!!!—— Anything liquid really.  The heartier, the better! My favorites are split pea soup and butternut squash soup. (Updated my Pinterest with the recipes). They are so simple and take only a few ingredients. I keep soup ready throughout the entire cleanse, so I’m never caught off guard.
  • Smooooooooothies—— This is the same principle as soups.  I sometimes have 3 a day. (I’m also slightly fanatic about smoothies in general).
  • And of course, protein—– Protein is very dense, and the process of digesting it is more complex.  Therefore, we stay fuller for longer when we have protein in our meals.  Try adding the veggies sources of protein below.  You can also get a good whey protein to put in your smoothies.  If you want to lose weight, eat your protein first.  That way you’ll eat less each sitting.  If you want to gain weight, eat the protein last. That way you’ll take in more food before getting full.

At the end of our conversation, Pastor Robbin said she was determined to stop “putting new paint on peeling walls.”  Let’s work intentionally to build a proper foundation for our temples, so the Spirit can reside in the best place ever!

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