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Is Your Temple Fit?

Endurance: Don’t Faint on Your Faith


Do You Smell Sufficient?

New Year’s Resolutions: Why WEIGHT? with guest Shirley “Bubblez” Laneut

Stress: Just Look UP!

Water for Life

Go to Sleep and Get Your Vision

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Your donations help us run community programming, such as

"Temple Fit with Dr. Asha" radio segment

Temple Fit Camps

Monthly Community Wellness Workshops

and more!

Thank you for your contributions. 


We had such a great year in 2014, and we are excited for even more in the next!

  • temple fit logo 1Temple Fit Radio is going FM!!!...which expands our listening audience and our impact.
  • We've added more signature programs and events! Which includes a health education and empowerment session just for women.
  • Our events can now be attended online! That's right, you don't have to be local to get your temple fit with Temple Fit!


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