Don’t Grow Weak in Week 6

We know numbers have a huge importance in the spiritual realm, and we wanted to understand the importance of numbers in our body’s as well. Our focus for today is #6, the number of Man.”
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Man was created on the 6th day, which is recorded in Genesis 1: 27-31. Additionally, the body works on 6 week cycles.  It takes 6 weeks to break down tissues, then it takes 6 weeks to build them back up.  That’s why you wear a cast for AT LEAST 6 weeks, and you go to physical therapy for AT LEAST 6 weeks after that. It follows the cycle of tissue growth in the body.


As you push through to accomplish your goals, keep pushing to WEEK 6! With every 6- week cycle, here is what you should both do and expect…

Help the first 6-weeks of a new physical regimen be positive and productive by keeping in  mind the following:

  • The first 6 weeks is the destruction phase (6 weeks down).

    • Give your body 6 weeks to get used to your lifestyle adjustments .
    • Some good goals to focus on are are conditioning exercises, stamina and endurance exercises, and proper eating.  
    • Make sure you are working on proper posture and breathing during exercise, so you can lay a healthy foundation for the the next phase.
    • You will most likely loose the most pounds in this phase, because you are trimming off (breaking down) what your body deems unnecessary.


During the second 6 weeks of a committing to a new physical regimen, you’ll want to keep this in mind:

  • The second 6 weeks is the construction phase (6 weeks up).

    • You’ll notice more visible changes here, such as toning and sculpting.   
    • Focus on strength during this phase. You should also step up your cardio and your conditioning.  
    • Challenge yourself to explore more healthy eating choices now that your tastebuds have matured, and your cravings are under control.
    • Your weight loss may begin to slow down or even go up, but don’t be discouraged. This is often healthy weight gain, as you are building muscle.


Every 6 weeks, new and exciting changes are happening in your body. You’re achieving goals and making new ones.  You’re challenging your body and pushing it to greater heights. Be patient with your body, so the perfect work can be done.


Don’t grow weak in week 6!





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