Starting the year off with a SMILE…

Sometimes we are guilty of starting the year off on the wrong foot.

We project negativity from one year to the next when we look back and realize what we didn’t accomplish, the resolutions we failed to keep, and the goals we neglected to consistently pursue. We try to inspire the next year with vision boards and intense reflection on the meaning of life, but if we’re not careful, we fall into a cycle that repeats itself at year’s end.

I’m so glad my pastors gave me the opportunity to speak at our watch night service this past year, because it equipped me to go into the year with a new perspective.

I smiled because I messed up, but I grew. I smiled because I screwed up, but I learned. I smiled because the mistakes of 2016 have put me in a more informed, more prepared, and better equipped position for the year ahead. I smiled because I am locked and loaded to dream and pursue, despite the unknowns and uncertainties that lie ahead. I smiled, because I have determined to screen everything through the filter of joy. If you endeavor to do the same, check out this short 7 minute video on “Setting Your Joy”.


Live life abundantly–


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