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Temple Fit Health, Inc. is a faith-based health nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.   


Temple Fit Health, Inc. provides faith-based health empowerment for churches and communities.


Temple Fit Health, Inc. is building Temple Fit Churches across the nation! We achieve this by designing and disseminating curricula for health ministries, mentoring health ministries in project and ministry management, connecting churches with faith-centered certified fitness professionals, hosting community conferences and workshops, and providing resources that help churches equip their members to live life abundantly.


  • Educate: We educate churches and communities to understand their health and wellness experience. 
  • Equip: We equip churches and communities to take authority over their health and wellness experience. 
  • Empower: We empower churches and communities to design individual and collective health experiences that reflect abundant life. 

 ...to live life abundantly!



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