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Featured on #TestimonyTuesday

Click for John’s inspiring story

“I tried killing myself twice, but it didn’t work”… 
Read about John’s battle with weight, fitting in, and finding purpose for his life. You can also follow his story with @TempleFitRadio on Twitter/Instagram.

“In November 2012… I weighed 220 pounds…” 

Watch Shelitta’s transformation

Follow Shelitta as she drops the pounds and gains both the confidence and passion to be a group fitness instructor. Shelitta also manages the Temple Fit Inspiration group on Facebook. Follow us as we follow her, @TempleFitRadio on Twitter/Instagram.

Read Tirrell’s story of life

Tirrell is conquering HIV everyday with his faith in Jesus Christ.  Be inspired by his story, and see how it is affecting others. Follow us as we follow him, @TempleFitRadio on Twitter/Instagram.

“We aren’t skinny, but we are getting healthier…”
Click here for the #TeamGaston story

Brittney and Cristal Gaston are showing us that health is more than what you look like, it’s how you live. Their story of teamwork and triumph is truly motivational.  Follow us as we cheer on Team Gaston with @TempleFitRadio on Twitter/Instagram!

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