TFR Episode #21 Recap- “Health by the Numbers: #120”

Temple Fit Radio Episode 21 Recap
“Health by the Numbers: #120”
Aired on 1/15/2014
Listen live here.  

We’re continuing our “Health by the Numbers” series. We know numbers have a huge importance in the spiritual realm, and we want to make sure that above all our getting, we get an understanding of the importance of numbers in our physical bodies as well. .

Today’s number is 120
  • Red blood cells are in circulation for 120 days, which is 4 months.
  • They are responsible for carrying toxins and wastes away from other cells in the body, and bringing nutrients and necessities towards these cells.  
  • Since the RBC’s are each on a 120-day assignment, this means the remnants of poor eating choices or unhealthy habits could potentially remain with us for the life of a Red Blood Cell…120 days.

Therefore, look for your biggest overall changes and challenges 4 months down the line.  
  • Use this as a time to reflect, re-assess, and re-focus.
    • Start by reaching IN—-
      • Stick to that healthy eating plan you created at the beginning of the year
      • Make note of how far you’ve come, celebrate your accomplishments, and create more goals to work towards in the future.  If you’ve made it this far, the toughest part is behind you.
    • End by reaching OUT—
      • Get your family and friends involved
      • Encourage them with your testimony of success.
      • Be their example and their motivation.

I hope you were encouraged by today’s devotion to keep your temple fit for God’s service. Now that you know, share with someone you love.

See you next Wednesday at 4pm on Heaven 1410!
~Dr. Asha

© Copyright 2014, Asha Fields Brewer

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