TFR Episode #22 Recap- “Health By the Numbers: #120 and #80”

Temple Fit Radio Episode 22 Recap
“Health by the Numbers: #120 and #80”
Aired on 1/15/2014
Listen live here.  

Next month is Heart Month, so this final installment of “Health by the Numbers” will focus on the numbers of the heart…120 and 80.   
  • If you’ve ever had a physical exam, you’ve had your blood pressure checked.  However, do you know what these numbers even mean?
  • “120/80” is all about the pressure to pump and receive blood. These numbers basically tell us how hard the heart is working.

The top number is a “pushing” number.
  • This tells us how much force the heart must produce to pump blood all over the body.
  • The higher the number, the harder the heart is working.
  • The highest we’d like the number to go is 120mmHg.

The bottom number is “filling” number.
  • This tells us how much force it takes to re-fill the heart with blood.
  • This, again, gives us a clue as to how hard the heart is working. As a matter of fact, professionally trained athletes have a low lower number, because their hearts are well-rehearsed at keeping blood flowing throughout the body.
  • The harder it is to fill the heart, the less blood will flow into it. This leaves for less blood to be pumped throughout the rest of the body. Blood that is not moving properly can become stagnant, leading to clots and other heart conditions.
  • The highest we’d like the bottom number to go is 80mmHg.

Blood is the substance of Life.
  • As people of Faith, we know all too much how important and valuable the Blood is. We cannot take for granted it’s importance in our daily lives. After all, we are supposed to be LIVING sacrifices, not DYING sacrifices… 

See you next Wednesday at 4pm on Heaven 1410!
~Dr. Asha

© Copyright 2014, Asha Fields Brewer

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