TFR Episode #23 Recap: “Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing: Vince Graham, CPT Guest”

Temple Fit Radio Episode 23 Recap

“Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing: Vince Graham, CPT Guest”

Air date 1/29/2014

We are starting a new series on stress.  We are impacted by stress on a daily basis, but what do we do about?  What can we do about it?  I had some guest experts stop by, and I shared some revelation God gave me as well. Stay tuned this month for more on “Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing.”

Interview with Mr. Vince Graham, CPT
President of Health and Fitness Chronicles 2.0.

Temple Fit Radio: Often times, we view stress as something external that we cannot control.  We see it as circumstances that occur in our environment and situations we cannot avoid.  However, you have a different perspective on stress…

Vince Graham: Stress is about the external things in our environment, but it is also about the internal effects as well. Stress is adequately defined as a psychological problem with real physical effects and/or a demand on physical and mental energy.  Long-term stress is particularly dangerous- eventually “wearing out” the body.  Because of its effect on the immune response, stress increases susceptibility to illness and slows healing. It can lead to nutritional deficiency. It alters the way we perform, think, or feel. Stress can even become addictive.  

TFR: You have given a talk on stress before, “The Impact of Stress on the Human Body Can Be Devastating.” Why do you specifically categorize these effects as “devastating”?

VG: Almost all body functions and organs react to stress. Many experts believe  the impacts of stress precipitate all illness! Stress promotes the formation of free radicals, which leads to damage of body tissues, especially cell membranes.

TFR: What are “free radicals,” and how do they impair the cell’s ability to function?

VG: Free radicals cause damage to cells.  Cells make up tissues, which make up organs.  Free radicals attack and destroy the cell’s protective membranes and genetic material, the DNA of the cell, causing severe damage, which weakens the immune system. Impairing the immune system, leads to infections and various degenerative diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.   The free radical exists for a tiny fraction of a second, but the damage caused can be irreversible.

TFR: It seems that as we age, we encounter more external sources of stress.  We have kids, we have jobs, we have bills. How does aging relate to the internal stresses as well?

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