TFR Episode #24 Recap- “Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing: Stress Is Good for You”

Temple Fit Radio Episode 24 Recap
“Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing:
Stress Is Good for You”
We are continuing a series on stress.  We are impacted by stress on a daily basis, but what do we do about?  What can we do about it?  I had some guest experts stop by, and I shared some revelation God gave me as well. Stay tuned this month for more on “Stressing Is Messing with Your Blessing.”
“Stress Is Good for You” with Dr. Asha
Stress is often viewed as negative, but it was actually designed with positive intent. The purpose of stress is protection.  Stress affects the body in ways that prepare us to fight or flight/flee from an attack. Consider a lion in the forest, you have two options: run or defend yourself. Body changes occur from head-to-toe to prepare us to act on whatever decision we make.  The pupils of the eye dilate to let in more light, so we can see if the lion is closing in on us, and we can see where we are going.  Blood is diverted from organs to the extremities.  You do not need to digest when you are running from a lion, because you are trying to avoid being digested yourself! The arms and legs are the first priority for blood, so you can take action.  Blood clotting factors are increased, so if you stumble over something and fall or the lion happens to scratch you, you do not have to worry about bleeding to death. These processes and many more are a result of the protective characteristics of stress.
The reason stress has a negative impact on us, is because Man has perverted it. Stress changed when sin entered the world. Let us take it back to Adam and Eve.  At that time, we were naming the animals, we were in dominion over the Earth.  Why would we need to run from the very environment we were in authority over, from what would we be afraid?  We have allowed the enemy to convince us that everything is a conspiracy against our success…so we stress. Now everything is a stress attack.  Bill due…stress attack. Traffic…stress attack. Child sick…stress attack. You are sick…stress attack.
Stress was never meant to reside long-term in our lives.  It was only meant to assist us in threatening situations.  However, because we have given stress an ever-present place, its effects on our bodies is constant as well. Remember those dilated pupils?  Do you ever get a headache when you are stressed? Remember that blood being diverted away from the organs?  Do you know anyone with stress who experiences indigestion?  Remember those increased blood clotting factors?  Do you know people with stress who also have heart conditions and blood conditions?  We have perverted the intent of stress in our lives by allowing it to reside long-term.
In order to combat stress, we must assign… Continue reading.

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