Where Believers are missing the mark…

Question for you Believers out there,


Is your faith fit for “that”?


This is what I mean… According to researchers, practicing religion has some protective properties when it comes to our health.


Those who faithfully practice their religion are experiencing mental health benefits, with decreased rates of depression, anger, and anxiety.


They are shown to have increased cognitive ability, with one sociologist saying, “Regular attendance at church is like exercising your brain…just like exercising your body, [it’s] a protective mechanism for cognitive function.”


People of faith generally have better behavioral habits, such as less smoking, less drinking, and greater use of preventive health services.


But do you know where people of faith are missing the mark?


We’re overweight…and even obese. People who practice religion are shown in research to have a greater Body Mass Index overall compared to those who don’t practice anything at all. Furthermore,



This is a trend that dates back centuries. In 1 Samuel 4:18, NLT we see that when the messenger delivered bad news to Eli, “…[He] fell backward from his seat beside the gate. He broke his neck and died, for he was old and OVERWEIGHT…” Eli was a high priest. Even the man of God succumbed to neglecting his temple.


Why are Believers more overweight than non-Believers? Why do we have a problems keeping our weight in check? We KNOW the importance of the physical temple and that it is housing for God’s Spirit that lives within. We KNOW our bodies don’t belong to us, but God bought them with a price and they are HIS. We KNOW that God wants us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper, yet we allow our bodies to be obese and overweight.


I challenge every church member, every clergy member, every person of faith,  to COMMIT to better health for you and your church family…


Not starting when you have more time.

Not starting when you get your money right.

Not starting when your church slows down, your job slows down, or your family slows down.


But starting RIGHT NOW.


Is the price God paid for your temple worth it?

No more excuses.

Take care of your temple.


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