You can eat right and exercise and still not be healthy

Temple Fit with Dr. Asha
Radio Interview with Guest Tirrell Wilkerson, MSW
“Minding the Temple Series: Six Dimensions of Wellness”
Episode 26, Airdate 2/19/2014

We are continuing the theme of “Minding the Temple.”  In the latter portion of Matthew 21:12-13 it states, “My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you make it a den of robbers.” One way we are robbing God is by focusing on one or two aspects of health and neglecting the other areas.  
Mr. Tirrell Wilkerson is the Healthy Noles Coordinator/Advisor of the Health Promotion department at Florida State University. He received his Master’s degree in Social Work Administration from Florida A&M University and he is a Certified HIV/AIDS Counselor. He attends Jacob Chapel Baptist Church where Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons, Sr is the pastor.

Temple Fit Radio: Mr. Wilkerson, health is not just about food and exercise, correct?  What else goes into our health and wellness?  

Tirrell Wilkerson: There are  six dimensions to health and wellness- Occupational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional.

TFR: How does knowing or acknowledging these six dimensions  help us “mind the temple?”

TW: When we think about the temple, we think of a place of worship, fellowship, or dwelling. When we worship, fellowship, or dwell we should always ask for God’s presence to be there with us. The Six Dimensions of Wellness is nothing more than

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